Monday, August 3, 2009

New Bracelet & Store

Hi Everyone,

So I just want to say I have a new store, as you can tell by the changes I have made to this page. The reason behind this is Katabasys is just a very uninviting name for a store and did not represent the objects I was trying to sell. My new Etsy store is A Perfect Dream.

I also decided that I will just be selling jewelry and will include bracelets! I am not much of a bracelet wearer but they are fun to make. Here is my first listing of a bracelet:

A Dusty Rose

It is made of a variety of materials. There is a lot going on with in the three loops which make it up. There are antique cut clear glass beads, glass faux rose quartz beads, gold coated spacers of various sizes and shapes, glass Czech beads of various colors, white fossil beads, glass pearls and freshwater pearls.

Check it out here!

Hope everyone is having a nice Monday!

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